"How exactly can you help us?"

Some businesses and organizations are unsure of exactly how we can help them. But remember, your written communication is a reflection of you: it should be clear, professional, and effective...and strong writing is the key to achieving this. So how can we help you? The answer is: "In just about every way you communicate to your partners, customers, and the general public."

But perhaps the best way to illustrate this is to simply tell you a little bit of what we've already done!
We've written press releases and notices for dissemination to the general public.

We've helped businesses and organizations simply "spread the word" to promote, inform, warn, and educate the general public in a variety of scenarios.
We've written instructions for disaster data-recovery procedures.

We helped an organization avoid potential issues during an already stressful situation by developing clear instructions and explanations for personnel to follow.
We've developed scripts for companies' training and marketing videos.

Not all writing ultimately ends up on paper or a webpage! Sometimes it's used to craft a message for delivery in other media for communication.
We've developed, edited, and arranged extensive content for a college catalog.

When it comes to earning a degree, information on everything from enrollment to financial aid to courses of study must be clearly structured and explained.

We've developed promotional text for brochures.

We've helped businesses and organizations provide more information on their products and services to potential customers.

We've assisted in the production of two documentaries.

Sometimes an organization needs information, not to communicate to the public, but for its own use. We did research and provided information to the producer of two documentary films on a particular social issue.
These diverse projects all required strong writing for success...and we can help you achieve the same with your own efforts.

We also understand that while writing is a critical foundation for your communication project, it may not be the end. We can provide you with consultation and referrals for the next steps of your endeavor, whether it’s creating a website, professional printing, or audio/video recording.
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